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Chemical formula: [C6H7O2(OH)2OCH2COONa]n

I. Type and specification of food grade CMC
Type Viscosity Degree of substitution Acid-viscosity ratio Other specifications
FM6 400~600
0.75~0.85 ≥0.80    GB 1904-2005

   pH: 6.0~8.5

   Chlorides  (As Cl)≤1.2%

   Heavy metals :(As Pb) ≤0.0015%

   Loss on drying:≤10.0%

   Fe:  ≤0.02%

   As:  ≤0.0002%

   Pb:  ≤0.0005%
FM6 800~1000
0.75~0.85 ≥0.80
FVH6 1200~1400
0.75~0.85 ≥0.80
FM6 400~600
0.90~0.96 ≥0.85
FH9 800~900
0.90~1.00 ≥0.85
FH9 ≥2000 0.90~1.00 ≥0.85
FVH9 800~900
0.90~1.00 ≥0.85
FFH10 800~900
1.00~1.20 ≥0.85
Method of testing viscosity: 2% water solution,25°c,Emila or NDJ-79 model rotary caplastometer.

SANHE® food grade CMC has good evenness, high viscosity(even higher than 2000 mPa.s),high degree of substitution(above 1.2),high purity(97%-99.5%), high acid resistance(AVR of Type FH9 above 0.9)and high saline resistance(soluble in solution at any salt proportion, SVR in sea water or 4% NaCl solution above 1.0) SANHE®CMC has a fast solution rate and the dissolved solution has good transparency and good flowability.

1). Lactate milk and acid drink: FH9, FM9, FFH10; dosage:2-5%.
2). Flavour, comfit, sauce, and soup: FH9, FM9, FFH9; dosage:2-4%.
3). Beer, wine, fresh fruit-keeping: dosage:4-5%.
4).Ice cream, instant noodle, soybean milk, bread, biscuit and fast, e tc:FH6, FVH6; dosage:3-5%.

3.Using procedures
1). Put water in a container and add CMC into the container under constant agitation. Then filter this solution by screen.
2). If powder or granular ingredient (sugar) is to e added, the ingredients be should first dry-mixed with CMC and then dissolve them as method 1.
3). If organic solvent is to be added into the food, you should first disperse the CMC should be first dispersed in this solvent. Then constant agitation should be applied to disperse and dissolve it in water.

Type and specification of toothpaste grade sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

II.Type and specification of toothpaste grade sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

Type Degree of substitution Viscosity of 2% Aqueous solution NaCl Moisture(%) PH value Salt-viscosity ratio
TH9 ≥0.95 900~1200 ≤3.0 ≤7.0 6.5~8.0 ≥0.95
TH10 ≥1.00 900~1200 ≥1.00
In addition to high degree of substitution, high viscosity and high purity, it is highly saline and temperature resistant due to its even substitution feature. SANHE® CMC used as adhesive in toothpaste can resist cellulose and, thus it's viscosity keeps constant. The paste compounded with it has a good luster, elasticity and won't be subject to dehydration and coarsening.

SANHE® CMC has good whiteness and transparency and is will dispersed in manufacturing process due to its thixotropy with minimum mechanical wear. The paste made is very white, fine and smooth.